About me

After ten years working for NæringsAkademiet as a lecturer and responsible for the development of undergraduate studies in Tourism and Hospitality, I started my own consulting company in 2001. 

I have more than 20 years experience in teaching and lecturing at different  colleges and upper seconary schools in marketing, media and tourism subjects.Currently I work as a teacher at Stend Upper seconary school and as a consultant for mainly adventure companies in western Norway.

I have previously worked as a travel consultant, ski instructor, tour guide (domestic & abroad) and event planner and assisting with marketing and product development for various companies. In the last then years I have worked for different destination companies with communication and project managing. Until August 2013 I worked as a project coordinator at Norwegian Centre of Expertise-Tourism Fjord Norway (NCE) with development of new products and concepts for adventure tourism in the Fjord Norway region. In FjordKysten I worked with developing stormwatching on the west coast and kayak in the region.

I have gained several qualifications through studies at Lillehammer University College, BI- Norwegian Business School, Bergen University College, University of Bergen, Arctic University of Tromsø and development of new tourism and adventure products.