I was one of the lucky ones from Stend Upper Secondary School who applied for a scholarship for CLIL course and was given the opportunity to attend a one-week course in Oxford.

To me it was important to attend a course in an English-speaking country and to go on my own. I investigated several programs in the UK and Ireland before applying for a course at Regent Oxford College. Regent Oxford was able to offer me classes for one-week students and for a week that suited me. I was enrolled in English WorldClasSix, an accelerated learning programme for professionals and ambitious learners.

In all 5 categories my score was High Advanced. The WorldClasSix programme has a maximum of 6 students in each class. We were in a class of only 2 people in the mornings, and since no one matched my level I had individual tutoring in the afternoons. I had also 3 1-hour classes with the C2Profiency Class. The programme helps you work with individual needs and offers 5 unique courses every day in complementary sessions to give you tools, skills and feedback required for you to rapidly develop your fluency in English. Every day we worked with these 5 sessions in task knowledge, active scenario, knowledge of professional knowledge, language focus and confident spoken performance.

In the afternoons I had tailor- made lessons to maximum my progress. These lessons were one- to one and we worked on my skills in entrepreneurship and discussed business models like Lean, Canvas and Design Thinking. The teachers gave me direction and guidance to 

develop my skills and language in this field. My two teachers in individual tutoring were chosen for their experience and background. Both had experience from run their own business and were great discussion partners. In the afternoon I was also given tools to implement English into my own lessons in business and marketing.